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Athens for Adventure Seekers

Whether it is trekking the rugged surroundings or diving into crystal clear waters, Athens offers adventure and thrill. Mixed with a heavy dose of history, every path of this magnificent city will hold a surprise or a secret story.

Athens by Bike


Discover Athens in a green and enjoyable way, with bike tours of the different neighborhoods and landmark areas of this beautiful city. Athens by Bike organises scenic tours to tours with a historical theme, ensuring that you have a deep experience with the city.

Timings: 9.30AM to 1PM, 4.30PM to 8PM (Monday to Friday) 9.30AM to 1PM (Weekends)

Sky Diving in Athens


                                                        Image Courtesy – Magdalena Olszwewska

Explore the glorious scenery of Athens from 14000 ft. above! Enjoy the beauty of the mountains and the seas of Greece with organised sky diving tours specially tailored for adventure-seekers.

Amphibious Diving Center (Cholargos)


Scuba diving, snorkeling and other water based activities are some of the popular adventure sports in Athens. With the Cholargos Amphibious Diving Centre, you will get to explore pristine Mediterranean waters and the many joys they offer.

Timings: 9AM to 9PM Monday to Friday (Weekends Closed)

Trekking Hellas Mt.Parnitha

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Athens is blessed with many wilderness spots around the city and exploring the Mt Parnitha National Park is one of the adventure activities in Athens. Trekking Hellas organizes expeditions to this mountain where you can also enjoy a cable car ride.

Timings: 9AM to 9PM Daily

Ancient Trails

One of the fun activities in Athens is the unique experience of exploring historic trails in the city’s surroundings. Ancient Trails organizes camping and hiking activities around the city and provides a memorable experience that combines Athens’ natural beauty with its unparalleled legacy.

As a place of thrill and recreation, Athens has a lot to offer visitors. This gateway to the Western World is blessed with bountiful nature from mountains to azure waters. Explore Athens now.