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Beaches in India

Calangute & Baga Beach

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Seemingly not all that long in the past, Calangute was the Beach all self-respecting hippies headed for, specifically about Xmas when psychedelic hell broke loose. For those who appreciated taking component in those mass pujas, with their infinite half-baked discussions about `when the revolution comes’ and `the vibes, maaan’, then this was just the ticket. You can frolic around without a stitch on, be actually so cool and liberated, get totally out of your head on each and every conceivable variety of ganja from Timor to Tenochtitlan and fully disregard the emotions of the community inhabitants. Naturally, John Lennon or The Who had been usually about to turn up and give a free of charge concert. Calangute’s heyday since the Mecca of all expatriate hippies has passed. The regional folks, who put to use to lease out rooms in their homes for any pittance, have moved on to much more profitable issues, and Calangute has undergone a metamorphosis to become the center of Goa’s rapidly expanding package-tourist market. It isn’t one of the best Goan beaches: you will find hardly any palms, the sand is contaminated with red soil as well as the seaside drops quickly in to the sea. There is, nonetheless, lots heading on, in particular for those who do not thoughts taking part in a minor function within this stage-managed parody of what traveling is meant to be about. Attempt heading off the beaten track unless of course you need somewhat of R ‘n’ R to recover from lifestyle on the street, or wish to combine it using the Simons and Sandras of this globe who’re going to India to pep up their winter suntans. Baga, 10km west of Mapusa, is essentially an extension of Calangute; not even the locals concur exactly where one ends along with the other commences. Lying in the lee of a rocky, wooded headland, the only distinction is the surroundings here is marginally much more varied and picturesque.


Airways : Dabolim is the nearest air base. For details, see North Goa (Panaji)

Roadways : A number of buses operate between Panaji and Calangute. Some of them continue on to Baga. It costs around Rs 5 for a ride to
Panaji as well as Mapusa. The travel time is approximately half an hour.

Taxi : From either of the two places, i.e. Calangute and Baga, to Panaji takes 20 minutes to cover the distance.

Boats : On certain days of week, boats leave for Calangute & Baga flea market from the Baga Beach

Accommodation for Calangute Beach 

Budget Cheaper Options
Hotel A Canoa
Alfa Guest House
Couria Beach Resort

Mid Range / Top End
Falcon Resort
Hotel Garden
Kelkar Retreat

Accommodation for Baga Beach

Alidia Beach Cottage
Hotel Baia Do Sol
Divine Guest House
Naini’s Bar & Rani’s Restaurant Food

Britto’s : One of the largest running beach bars

Casa Portuguesa : Wild Boar is its specialty.

Lucky Star : Famous for its seafood.

Milky Way : For snacks and drink, viz. milk shakes, ice cream etc

J & A’s Little Italy : Famed for its Italian dishes. A pizza comes for RS 150-175, pasta dishes for RS 170-180, and a glass of liquor costs around RS 40 or more.

Pete’s Bar and Restaurant : Location, near Angela Guest House, enjoy few glasses of chilled beer and dishes commonly served in the region.

Shopping in ( Baga & Calangute) Beach of Goa 
The area is flooded with Kashmiri traders selling carpets, embroideries plus original as well as reproduction of Tibetan and Rajasthani crafts work. Prices quoted are inflated. Go for bargain as much as possible.