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Beaches in India

Mahabalipuram Beach

Mahabalipuram Beach
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The Beautiful Beaches and The Magnificent Monuments
Mahabalipurm has magnificent monuments along with beautiful Beaches. The rock cut art of Mahabalipuram is particularly attractive. Right here one may also come across some really worth going to places just like the Shore temple, Rathas,  Arjuna’s penance, and so on. Then there’s the fascinating crocodile farm, the snake venom-extracting center along with the colleges of artwork and sculpture, which forms the prime sights for visitors. Yet another main attraction here is the Dance Festival, hosted by the Division of Tourism in the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Major Tourist Attractions of Mahabalipuram Beach 

Coming down from Chennai to Mahabalipuram you can go to Dakshinachitra – a heritage center. Here conventional craftspersons and folk artists get the job done and carry out within the exact same method as they used to in 19th century. These skilled individuals were mainly residing at Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Arjuna’s Penance
The world’s largest bas-relief measuring 27m x 9m, is the pride of Mahabalipuram. This massive rock is made up figures of Gods, Demigods, males, beasts, birds and representing the whole creation.

5 Rathas
Ratha are nothing else but five monolithic temples, each possessing their personal type. They’re also known as the “Pancha Pandava Rathas”. Out of these five, four of the Rathas are meant to have carved from just one rock formation.

Tiger’s Cave
The Tiger Cave is situated at 4-km north of the main monument complex. It was an open-air theater, where cultural programmes were held. Being really near the sea, the location is exotic and serene.

Mahabalipuram  Shore Temple
One from the oldest temples in south India, the Shore Temple of Mahabalipuram belongs towards the early 8th century AD. It really is a good instance of your 1st phase of structural temples produced in Dravidian type. These monuments appear more attractive at night when they’re floodlit.

How to Reach Mahabalipuram 

How to Reach Mahabalipuram by Air : The nearest airport is at Chennai about 58-km way from Mahabalipuram which has both domestic and international terminus. Chennai is connected with all the major places in India through the numerous domestic flights. International flights also operate from various parts of the world to Chennai.

How to Reach Mahabalipuram by Rail : The nearest railway stations from Mahabalipuram are Chengalpattu (29-km) and Chennai (58-km). From these stations one has to take the road to reach Mahabalipuram.

How to Reach Mahabalipuram by Road : Mahabalipuram is connected with a good network of roads. There are bus available from Pondicherry, Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu and Chennai to Mahabalipuram daily. One can also hire a taxi from Chennai.