Losar Festival Tawang

Losar Festival in Tawang

At a glance :

Region : Arunachal Pradesh, district Tawang

Practiced By : Monpa Tribe

Festivity Time : Start of March & February end

Relevance of Festival : 
Buddhist Religion’s new year

Buddhist religion community’s New Year is called as Losar. This festival is very essential festival of them and also the people living in the district called Tawang. This festival is held in the start of March or end of February. This festival is celebrated with huge jolly & festivity. The duration of this festival is about eight to fifteen days. On the 1st day of the festival one family’s 1 or 2 persons go to bring the first water of water tap or stream. Anger is provided through the water source, they tie the piece of fabric around the tap. In this occasion, the Chemar & Chang are served and they also do perform prayers through this they mollify the spirits & Nagas. Some amount of water which has been drawn up is considered to be sanctifying & purifying because it has been clear through the light of the star, before the night. While going back home, they went to the chapel, here people perform prayers and lit up the lamps. They pray for a wealthy life and free year from the disease. On this festival, the Munar tribe people prepare the khab & hot chang with the combination of Looves and they offer it to each family member request them Tashi Delek.

On the occasion of Losar, they wore beautiful and attractive cloths to make themselves beautiful. All the members of the family go to the chapel for prayers. After that they went to their neighbor’s houses for the request of Tashi Delek. At the 1st day of the Losar, the Munar tribe’s people try to stay in the house; they don’t socialize on that day. From the 2nd day of the festival, all people begin to visit each other and dance, sing, gamble they do and also have an archery competition.

On Losar festival’s 3rd day, people put their prayer flag over the roofs, as both the type horizontally & vertically. When they host the flags, they present the appeasement served by the people, in the respect of the spirits & deities. They hold the flour in hands and they start shouting Lha So Lo Ki Ki So So Lha Gyal Lo and they through the entire flour of their hand into the sky. To show the happiness, the Yak dance group presents the Yak dance.