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Biggest Shopping Festivals In The World

Posted: January 30, 2020 at 7:08 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Cinderella didn’t ask for a prince charming, she asked for a new dress and a night out. If you’re the kind who would cross oceans to revamp the wardrobe then these amazing destinations will make you drool with their fashion and entertainment quotient. The thrill is infectious here and makes you feel oh so high! A quick trip at the time of shopping festivals would be like your own fairytale come true. From street finds to crème de la crème brands, it has to be on top of a fashion connoisseur’s bucket list. What better than shopping with a magical touch of wanderlust?


When:  26th December to 1st February
What to look out for: Gold, carpets, electronics, perfumes, cosmetics, dry fruits, gold jewelry, watches, spices, textiles, leather, and clothes.

DSF’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a shopping festival; an extravaganza that has managed to create a niche for itself and not just for retail therapy. This month-long, one-of-a-kind phenomenon is known to beautifully pack in a full house of entertainment, events, and attractions galore.

• ‘One World. One Family. One Festival’ has been the slogan of DSF since its inception.
• The first time this event took place in 1996 it attracted an unbelievable number of 1.6 million visitors and an expenditure of AED 2.15 billion.
• This is the longest-running shopping festival in the world.


When: July to August every year.
What to look out for: Hand bags, fabrics, garments and fashion accessories, traditional wares, home décor and electronics.

Hong Kong is one of the most sought after shopping destinations in the world. With the increasing affinity of Chinese high-net-worth individuals towards luxury fashion brands and power dressing, here it’s made sure there is no dearth of options right from custom made boutiques to the much hyped clichéd brands – just the place to channel the Chanel in you. If you want to buy quality stuff without burning a hole in your pocket then explore the street markets, local vendors and enjoy a distinct flavor of shopping unique to this city and country.

• Look out for the ‘Hong Kong Shopping Festival’ sign at stores and you can draw out a good bargain.
• The Hong Kong tourism body also hosts a tourism festival accompanied with the shopping festival. It could be the perfect time to explore the vivid Chinese city alongside a shopping spree.
• A guide and coupons are also issued by the board, try and grab them and it could be a smart way to save some more dollars.


When: June 1st – July 26th (tentative)
What to look out for: Beauty and wellness deals, apparels, gifts, toys, electronics, food, beverages, watches and optical.

The Singapore sale is where the real deal lies. This sale offers whopping discounts that you can pull off at 70 percent less than the original value. But this festival is not all about shopping, there are huge discounts on restaurants, hotels and drinking places. In the months of June and July, Singapore welcomes you to enjoy a luxury lifestyle and pamper yourself at a price much lower than usual.

• The Great Singapore Sale is in fact an event that is organized by the Singapore Retailers Association.
• The Princess Singapore campaign was launched by MasterCard to promote the usage with the help of Singapore bloggers. It lead to MasterCard customers spending $1.5 billion in 2013, during the festival.
• Shoppers can enjoy late night shopping as late as 11pm, only during this time of the year.
• Tourist Privilege Card at any Singapore Visitor Centre will let you avail discounts at all major shopping malls, and discounted admission fees for major attractions.


When: June 6th – June 28th
What to look out for: High-quality textiles, organic cotton, fashion, silk scarves, fabrics and linen, jewelry, art and antiques, handmade shoes, furniture, ceramics, and hot Turkish labels.

Turkey aims to rival the much-acclaimed Dubai festival with its flamboyant Istanbul festival, offering unbeatable deals and enviable collection in an array of posh malls and famous shopping streets across the neighborhoods of this beautiful and gargantuan city. The festival is accompanied by fashion shows, music concerts, performances, street shows et al.

• The historic sites in Istanbul also participate in the festival by closing two hours later than the usual timings.
• The first-ever Istanbul Shopping Fest took place between 18th March and 26th April 2011 and lasted for 40 days.
• During the festival, there are 90 shopping centers across Istanbul that would stay open all day.


When: April 3rd – April 5th
What to look out for: Runway fashion, haute couture and designer labels.

Yes, there’s more to this city of French Riviera than just the highly acclaimed film festival – Cannes is also one of the premier fashion destinations. Adorned by high label boutiques and designers, the annual shopping festival is attended by the who’s who of fashion world. It takes place at the Palais de Festivals with numerous fashion parades, catwalks, theme nights and more. Given the kind of feel this event carries, take luxury to a new level by hiring a personal shopper so you can go ahead and indulge without fear.


When: October 10th – October 13th
What to look out for: Apparel, footwear, fashion accessories.

The United States outlet sale is a commendable and successful effort by the Outlet Marketing Alliance (OMA) and Shop America Alliance (SAA), to promote outlet shopping in the USA. There is a lot of credibility in it also due to the various brand names involved that are highly recognizable and popular. Special discounts are provided by top brand outlet retailers at all US store locations. The outlets are an ideal place for sweet deals on fall fashion and for holiday shopping.

These shopping festivals are ideal for buys for the whole family across all age groups, whether you want gifts for friends and relatives back home, or something special for an occasion, the suave car you’ve been thinking of, the diamond crusted timepiece you always wanted to own. So, get empty suitcases and your training shoes for a good walk across the places. Last but not the least, do fix a budget before heading off; don’t say we didn’t warn you!