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Thai Airways International is the national airline of Thailand. The airline operates domestic, regional, and intercontinental flights to destinations around the world. The main hub of Thai Airways International is Bangkok International Airport.

In India Thai Airways International operates in HAL Airport of Bangalore, Chennai International Airport, Begumpet Airport of Hyderabad, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport of Kolkata, Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport and Indira Gandhi International Airport of New Delhi. It is evident that Thai Airways International counts India as an important landing destination and so many centers must be contributing to India- Thailand tourism and foreign relation in a very positive way. Lots of Indians who visit Thailand for various business purposes or for professional reasons are highly benefited by these Thai Airways flights .

All the Thai Airways flights to India fly from Suvarnabhumi Airport of Bangkok but the flights to Chennai can also be availed from Dubai. So, for boarding the flights to India you need to catch the flights from Suvarnabhumi Airport. This is an international standard airport with all the modern facilities. As the airport serves as a major hub for many airlines, it is conscious about the quality services and comforts that it provides to its visitors. Thus, one will surely enjoy the waiting for the flights to India. Moreover, the airport is just 25 Km east of Bangkok and thus it can be easily reached. The airport facilities play an important role when you are going for a flight journey and in this case, you will surely be satisfied with Suvarnabhumi reception. And, any flight journey by Thai Airways is always pleasant and convenient.

As of April 2006, Thai Airways had a fleet of 87 aircrafts. This included 8 Boeing 747-400, 2 Boeing 747-300, 6 Boeing 777-300, 2 Boeing 777-200, 10 Boeing 737-400, 3 Airbus 340-500, 5 Airbus 340-600, 12 Airbus 330-300, 10 Airbus 300-600, and 2 ATR-72. Thai Airways has an extensive network in India. Presently, it flies to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore. By the end of October 2006, Thai Airways has plans to add Bodhgaya, Varanasi, and Hyderabad to its list of destinations.

Thai Airways International sometimes offers cheap flights to India especially during holidays and festive seasons. So, try to get into one of those. Local travel agencies are usually well informed about all these details.

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