5 Crazy Honeymoon Destinations This Season

Romance is overrated. OK, let me re-phrase – what’s romance without a little crazy? So if you are honeymooning this season, set the tone for the next ten years of togetherness with a crazy honeymoon. Only 10 years you ask? Yeah, do a crazy honeymoon again in 10 years to rediscover romance!

Here is a list of 5 destinations which will test you and your partner for how far you will go for each other.

The Wild Honeymoon – African Safari in Kruger National Park: I love this country and with good reason. Its one of the most beautiful places on earth and as close as one can get to creation itself. So, ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping, young lovers) on an African Safari in the wild will test your ability to deal with really early mornings (you know, when kids leave for school) and your patience while waiting for the beasts to appear. But it will also give you shared moments of awe when you sight that jungle cat just lounging by your vehicle, moments of sheer romance of watching the sunset with a glass of fine wine and moments of oneness with yourself, with each other and with nature.

Splurge a little: Try the Ngala Tented Camp by the Timbavati River for an unparalleled glamping experience of tented luxury.

The Adrenaline Honeymoon – Extreme Sport in Queenstown: New Zealand, the scenery alone can make you fall in love. But the real thrill, quite literally, is in the adventure sports that the town offers. Take your pick from Bungee Jumping, Tandem Sky-diving, Shotover Jetting and more. The need to lean on each other to go through with the extreme sport and the shared adrenaline rush will last you a lifetime. And of course, there is the Fergburger to share.

Splurge a little: Picnic on a peak with Over The Top. They’ll fly you in a helicopter over the peaks and drop you in a picnic spot for a taste of local cheese, wine, fruit and bread. Utterly romantic!

The Sporty Honeymoon – Formula 1 at Abu Dhabi: Erm, you may have to change the dates of your honeymoon, that itself should give you a chance to work through tough decisions together! That aside, the Formula 1 – final race of the season, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Yas Marina is quite the experience. Watching a sport together, cheering for teams and experiencing the festive atmosphere in the city and the stadium is a great high and great photo op! You could take a pick from other sporting events around the world, the next big one being the Australian Open in March 2017.

Splurge a little: get passes for the pit walk before the event starts and you could photo yourself with a Ferrari!

The Solitude Honeymoon – Namibia and Madagascar: Vast space and miles and miles of desert or beach meant only for the two of you. You could go the whole honeymoon without seeing anyone other than the hotel staff. Space and time that allows you to connect at a much deeper level with just the distraction of a fabulous landscape is what Namibia offers. Madagascar, on the other hand, has a city called Hell-Ville and the Andilana Resort which runs on a different time from the rest of the country. Miles of untouristed beaches offer love and solitude, and test how much of only each other can you take!

Splurge a little: Stay at the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge in Namibia to sleep under the stars, millions of them.

The End Of the Earth Honeymoon – Cruise to Antartica: Your love is like no other, so why should the honeymoon be ordinary? Well, Antartica is about a larger than life adventure, for where else will you able to watch whales breach right outside your window, or camp under an Antarctic twilight and soak in a hot tub with a view of calving ice shelves. Take a pick of cruises from Chile or Argentina and be prepared for the experience of a lifetime.


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