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Jammu and Kashmir

Amazing Things To Do and Places to Visit In Kashmir

Best things to do in kashmir
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Is Kashmir really all it’s made out to be? Every picture clicked here doesn’t necessarily turn out to be a thing of pure beauty, or does it? We present the evidence, you decide!

1. If romance is what you’re looking for,

    Kashmir is quite a bore; it’ll leave you sore.

Romance in Kashmir

2. We just don’t get it,

    What’s the big deal with this lake?

Pangong Tso (Tibetan: long, narrow, enchanted lake), the Line of Actual Control passes through it.

5 Most Stunning Lakes in India

3. Or this one?

    Can someone tell us, for heaven’s sake!

A Shikara ride on the unbelievably still waters of Dal Lake.

4. When it comes to their lakes, they can get cocky,

    They even go there to get their lauki!


The floating Sabzi Market in Srinagar.

5. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they also build their hotels in the middle of a… guessed it, LAKE!

Luxury Lake Hotels Kashmir

Luxury 5 star lake resort in Srinagar.

6. It’s not possible to find peace of mind,

    In a valley filled with sounds of another kind.


One of ladakh’s many Buddhist monasteries. Buddhism is an integral part of classical Kashmiri culture.

Kashmir: Paradise on Earth

7. Whatever he was smoking, sure filled him with mirth,

    When Amir Khusro called it ‘Paradise on Earth’.


Acres and acres of mustard fields stretch out with snow capped mountains in the background.

8. Said a dying Emperor,“Kashmir, the rest is worthless’,

    These words are really quite meaningless.


The celebrated gardens of Shalimar Bagh – Imperial summer residence and Royal Court of Emperor Jahangir.

9. Hideous masks, strange dancing and clashing colour,

    Anything sells in the name of culture.

Culture in Kashmir

The annual Hemis festival, held in June or July, is a rare Buddhist extravaganza that must be experienced for its vibrancy and excitement.

10. Of all the gorgeous ski slopes on this earth,

      Why pick one that has no worth?


The Gulmarg Gondola is the world’s second highest (Asia’s highest & longest) operating cable car service.

11. Gulabi Chai, the biggest farce. It’s got no rose;

      Just salt & baking soda, tastes like toes!

Pink Tea in Kashmir

This delicious traditional beverage is prepared in a samovar with only the choicest ingredients.

12. A single meal & more than 25 different dishes to taste,

     You can’t even try everything, what a waste!

wazwan in Kashmir

The Wazwan is a multi course Kashmiri Muslim feast, with most dishes consisting of meat, lamb or chicken.