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Top Places to Visit in Mahabaleshwar

Elephant Head Point Mahabaleshwar
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Hill stations are the most preferable destinations for the vacations or the break. They take you aloof from the hustles and bustles of the over ceased working days and restless nights of urban life. It makes you unwind yourself into the lap of Mother Nature and lets you reveal yourself in the reflection of the ecstasy mounted surroundings. We have no idea about what all the nature has to give us. It is only when we go to her and realize all that we have been missing on, for our own sake of endowment. Change is inevitable. Change is the only constant. One needs some change for oneself at a particular interval of times. Hill stations like Mahabaleshwar, situated at the Satpura district of Maharashtra state serve humanity with all of that is required for one’s refreshment and rejuvenation.

Wilson (Sunrise Point) (Mahabaleshwar)

Sightseeing in Mahabaleshwar

The sightseeing spots at Mahabaleshwar like Venna like- where one can avail the boating facilities after getting their tickets to it, Arthur’s seat, which is the point from where one can rejoice at the panoramic views of Mahabaleshwar, Kate’s point- which is frequently visited for its reservoirs, elephant point- which holds on an elephant trunk shaped rock, which makes a whole in between it, making it look like a needle hole, Wilson- which is the highest point of the Mahabaleshwar, 3 monkey spots, and many such will manifest every sense of you to yourself. Every step taken into Mahabaleshwar is like every step taking you to heaven.

Mount Malcolm, Mahabaleshwar

Mount Malcolm used to be the most famous building in the olden days. It was built in 1829 with superb architectural skills. Unfortunately, today it has lost a lot of its old fascination.

Catholic Church, Mahabaleshwar

A visit to the old Roman Catholic Holy cross church is worth. Although the church is practically falling apart, its stained-glass windows are still a scene to take a look at. It was built in the late 18th century for the British citizens settled in Mahabaleshwar.

Pratapgad Fort, Mahabaleshwar

The historic Pratapgad Fort was built by the Maratha chieftain Chhatrapati Shivaji in 1656, to control the rebellious rulers of the nearby Javali Basin. It is said that Shivaji was blessed with a shining sword at the temple of Goddess Bhawani located here. It is also the site of the famous battle between Shivaji and Afzal Khan, ruler of the Bijapur Sultanate.

Kate’s Point, Mahabaleshwar

The view from Kate’s point is clear and fabulous. The best time to visit is winter. It is during winter that the skies are clear. Kate’s Point is along the Duchess Road. It is at a height of 1,290 metres. It is one of the greatest points and no tourist would like to miss it.

Elephant’s Head Point, Mahabaleshwar

The point leaves incredible views of the surroundings. The mountain range of Sahyadri is also visible from this point. The Elephant’s Head Point is one of the best points to be visited in Mahabaleshwar. The cliffs which overhang remind you of an elephant’s head and trunk. Thus the point got its name as the Elephant’s Head Point. The tourists and the visitors should take a pony ride or walk from the parking area to the spot.

Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar

The Venna Lake is a tourist’s attraction as it has boating facilities and stalls for games. It also has snacks stalls. The area of the lake is busy till late night.  Children are attracted towards the mini train. Fishing is fun and it adds to the delectation of the visitors. The Venna Lake is spread over an area of 28 acres and its average depth is 10 feet. The lake is nourishing by repeated springs. The area on all sides of the lake is full of flowers and greenery. The lake was constructed by Shri Appasaheb Maharj, who was Raja of Satara in the year 1842.

Lingamala Falls, Mahabaleshwar

The Lingamala Waterfall is a glittering waterfall. The water drops into the Venna valley of Mahabaleshwar. The Lingamala Waterfall is a fantastic sight to watch. The water falling down looks like thin silver streaks. It encircles with rainbow colors. The tourists and the visitors admire the Lingamala waterfall’s beauty. The best season for visiting the falls is the rainy season. The water level during the monsoon rises and slides down. The water which launches from a height of 600 feet from the drop-off extends the most charming visions.