pushkar fair

Pushkar Tourist Attraction

A chief pilgrimage centre from the Hindus, the small town of Pushkar lies on edge of the Thar Desert, 132 km away from Jaipur. The city is privileged to become house to your only Brahma Temple in the planet. According towards the Hindu mythology, the all-popular Pushkar Lake, on the banks of which the town lies, is the location where Lord Brahma performed Yagna (A fire sacrifice)! The city is superbly surrounded by hills on three sides and sand dunes to the fourth- a perfect backdrop to the annual religious and cattle reasonable.

Climate Verify
Pushkar faces extremes of temperature with large climatic variations between the seasons. Summers are sizzling whilst nights are chilly. Throughout the winters, temperature remains all around ten degrees centigrade. September to March could be the very best time to spend a visit to Pushkar.

Sights All around
Brahma Temple
The main attraction in Pushkar, the Brahma Temple would be the only spot exactly where Lord Brahma is worshipped. Possessing a significant position from the Hindu pantheon, the temple enshrines a complete size four-armed idol of Lord Brahma.

Pushkar Lake
Besides the only Brahma Temple, the Pushkar LK will be the an additional revered web site, attracting hordes of pilgrims from all throughout the country. And the lake is no modest factor, for any dip inside waters here is considered to wash away all the sins with the past. Once there the scene around the lake will likely be proof to all of it.

Savitri Temple
Perched atop the Ratnagiri Hill, the Savitri Temple stands in dedication to Savitri, the spouse of Lord Brahma. Legend has it that as Lord Brahma performed Yagna having a native milkmaid Gayitri, an enraged Savitri cursed him that he would by no means be worshipped anywhere except in Pushkar.

Pushkar Bazaar
Take a stroll via the bustling Pushkar Bazaar to possess your picks from an enormous assortment of souvenirs, Rajasthani costumes, jewellery, embroidered fabrics as well as other decorative goods. The bazaar becomes a hotspot for the duration of the Annual Pushkar Truthful.

Pushkar Reasonable
It truly the famed Pushkar Good that will get Pushkar on the global journey map. Held every 12 months during the month of November, the fair sees a huge amount of individuals from all all-around. Pilgrims could be observed taking their sacred dips into the Pushkar LK. The largest camel truthful within the planet is organised in the same time.

Reaching Alternatives
Jaipur, 132 km from Pushkar, could be the closest airport from right here. You will discover regular flight solutions from right here to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad and Aurangabad. Ajmer is the nearest railhead. By street as well, Pushkar has great motorable hyperlinks, with Ajmer lying at a distance of just 14 km. Daulatabad Bus Stand in Ajmer has buses leaving for the crucial destinations in and outdoors Rajasthan.