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West Bengal

Howrah Bridge- A Document of the Old Kolkata You Need to Check out

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Kolkata is aptly named as the ‘City of Joy’ as there are joy and excitement in the air of this city. This city is rich in culture and tradition. Presently, the city is near 300 years and it is quite evident that it has lots of incidents hidden under her sleeves. Kolkata is ‘Kollolini’, Kolkata is ‘Tilottoma’. And the outstanding beauty of this city lies in its architecture, buildings, monuments, domes, etc. While talking about the historical monuments, the Howrah Bridge will always be on the top of the list. Today, we will get to know about its history and also the present condition that will compel you to visit this enormous structure and its surroundings.

Howrah Bridge- Take a Sneak Peek to the History

The Government of Bengal needed to build a bridge over the Hooghly River. They solicited the Chief Engineer from the East India Railway Company to consider the practicality of the thought and think of a proposition. Finally, the construction bill of the Howrah Bridge was first proposed in 1862.

The development was managed by the Howrah Bridge Commissioners under the direction of the Commissioners of the Port of Calcutta.

Built without nuts and bolts, the Howrah Bridge was framed by riveting the whole steel structure. The bridge officially started for use in 1943 when it was the world’s third-longest cantilever bridge.

Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO) provided 23,500t of steel and manufacture for the bridge development. KPT completes the scheduled maintenance and fix works and furthermore leads repair or rebuilding of distressed bridge parts.

Things to Do Near Howrah Bridge

  1. Hire A FerryTake a Ferry Ride Howrah Bridge

You can get a boat or a ferry, especially in the night time — the view is wonderful when the bridge is lit up. It gives you goosebumps when the boat makes it route gradually down the Hooghly and the superb bridge comes ever nearer till you are cruising under it.

  1. Sit by The Ghats

The ghats that line the river, in any case, do give a wonderful view of the bridge. You’ll additionally experience the way of life of the people of the city — many people rush here to bath, wash, pray.

  1. Walk Down or Drive

The regular commuters don’t come till later so it’s one of the few occasions you’ll find a good pace walk down the bridge in harmony, while you contemplate the work that more likely gone into building this structure.

Festivals and Events on Howrah Bridge

When you cross the bridge, you must have seen the illuminated and beautiful look of the Bridge. If you visit the Bridge on Independence Day or the Republic Day, the Bridge is dressed with tri-color LED lamps. This is a marvelous view to watch.

Is There Any Shopping Destination Nearby?

When you are in Kolkata, you can find the city as the paradise of shopping. Now, if you are staying around Howrah Bridge, there are lots of shopping destinations for the shopaholics-Mallick Ghat Flower Market

  • Mallick Ghat Flower Market: If you want to gift something to your dear ones, there is nothing better than a flower. If you manage to visit this market in the early morning, you can find the best and rarest flowers over there.
  • Sonapatti Gold Market: Are you planning to buy gold jewelry? Visiting Sonapatti Gold Market near Howrah Bridge is a great option
  • Burrabazar: You can find clothes, jewelry, accessories, spices, and lots of other things at this place. You may find it always jostled with the crowd, but that is the heart of Kolkata, always throbbing with life.

Is Howrah Bridge Photogenic?

For 75 years, Howrah Bridge has always been one of the greatest attractions for the photographers of the world. The Bridge itself is a wonderful subject for the photographers and when it is during the sunset, the view is spectacular to capture. Besides, the busy life, the ghats, and the crowd, etc. have an awesome photographic angle to click.

The Best Time to Visit Howrah Bridge

The best season to visit Howrah Bridge is winter, from November to February. The weather is soothing and you won’t get drenched in sweat that happens in summer. The monsoon is also not suitable for visiting Howrah Bridge as the weather is humid and irritating.

The Best Food Joints near Howrah Bridge

Kolkata is the hub for food lovers. You can have the world-famous ‘Roshogolla’ and ‘fuchka’ only in Kolkata. If you are confused about where to eat in Kolkata, especially near Howrah Bridge, here are the best joints-

  • Indies: Are you vegetarian? Then you can visit the Indies to have delicious food. It’s only half an hour from Howrah Bridge. You can get good food within INR 200 here.
  • Haldiram Prabhuji: You will get confused about what to eat once you are here. There are lots of outlets of Haldiram in Kolkata. If you are near Howrah Bridge, visit the one at Burrabazar, only 0.31km away from the Bridge.
  • Haji Saheb Fast Food: Located on the Brabourne Road, this food station is only 0.5km away from Howrah Bridge. If you are looking for spicy, non-veg food, this can be your next destination.

Apart from these, there are lots of sweet shops, street food joints, cafes, and bistros that are there near Howrah Bridge where you can spend quality time while enjoying your food and the view outside.

How to Reach Howrah Bridge

From any part of Kolkata, you can reach the Howrah bridge by bus, rental car or taxi. The nearest station is also known as Howrah Bridge which is an only 5-minute walk from the actual Bridge.

The Best Places to Stay near Howrah Bridge

 If you are looking for the best places to stay near Howrah Bridge you need to fix your budget and look for accommodation accordingly. Here are some of the best places to stay-

  • The Oberoi Grand: Are you looking for a five-star hotel with a top-class facility? You can choose this outstanding hotel which is only 1.8km away from Howrah Bridge.
  • Treebo Trend Beeu: Located on Bow Bazar, B.B. Ganguly Street, this hotel is a budget hotel where you can get superb facilities. It is only 1.2km away from Howrah Bridge
  • Rupkatha Guest House: If you are looking for a staying place which is quite budget-friendly and won’t be heavy on your pocket, you can book rooms at this guest house, only 2.2km away from Howrah Bridge.

Hopefully, this account will help you to visit Howrah Bridge and the area around without any fuss. ‘Tumio Ghure Dekho Kolkata’ and also the heart of the city, Howrah Bridge!