Local Trains in Mumbai

Majority of the population living in the metro city of Mumbai travels by local trains. Indian railways local train is the lifeline of Mumbai. Local trains in Mumbai are the most important means of transport for the ever-growing population in the city.

Local Trains are the cheapest and most convenient modes of travel within city limits. Mumbai’s Suburban railway system is divided in to Central and Western zones for passenger’s convenience and for smooth running and maintenance and service of the trains in their respected zones.

Nearly millions of passengers travel locally in local trains on a daily basis to reach their places of work which is more than half the capacity of the people in Indian Railways itself.

Local Trains in MumbaiThe suburban Railway system of Mumbai witnessed its first train between Mumbai and Thane in the year 1853.The suburban railway stem is the oldest Railway system in Asia. It is a boon to People in Mumbai. It is considered to be one of the cheapest and quickest mode of transportation by mostly all the people in Mumbai. Local trains have largely helped to reduce the traffic congestion on the roads.

Indian railways are conveniently used by all classes of people and age groups. Students mostly use it to travel to far of colleges in town where as the general public uses it to travel to their places of work.

Local trains are well known for being overcrowded. Only for a few hours during the afternoons the trains do not seem to be crowded. The local trains are the cheapest and the fastest way to get in to the town from the suburbs or voce-versa. You just got to act smart and safe. Enjoy your journey.