Tatkal Railway Reservation

Along with the railway ticket reservation which is done ordinarily, there is also provision for emergency reservation called “TATKAL” scheme. For some trains the reservation under tatkal scheme can be done be done only before 5 days of the date of journey. In this process an extra fee is charged to the passenger. This additional fee has to be paid by the passenger for the emergency reservation. These Tatkal tickets cannot be modified or cancelled. Along with that the ticket cost is from starting station to the destination station. indian railways

The additional fee for the tatkal train tickets ranges from a premium of Rs 175 to Rs 400. This fee is added to the actual fare of the journey and the exact amount depends on the class in which the passenger wants to travel. To book the tatkal tickets or for the tatkal train reservation of tatkal tickets you have to produce your photo identity at the reservation counter. This may also be asked by the train ticket collected to authenticate the person and the ticket. This provision has been made to avoid any malicious attempt by the black market to sale the tatkal ticket. As a rule, no change or cancellation facility is available for Tatkal tickets.

For a variety of passengers Indian Railways reservation provides ticket booking facility. The passengers may be interested for sight seeing or pilgrimage trips and can book their tickets in advance. They can reserve the tickets for any class they want to travel in. However the journay has to start and end at the same station. These types of journey may take advantage of break journey but that must not exceed eight in number. Along with that the journey has to be completed within scheduled period and as mentioned on the ticket.

For people who are travelling in group Indian Railways allows special reservation. Now this facility is also available on Indian Railways reservations site online .Along with online reservation checking the status of the booking also can be done to find out whether the ticket is waitlisted or confirmed. This online facility also makes possible the checking of whether there is a change in fare or finding out the latest train timings.

For different age groups such as children and senior citizens the reservation rules are different. Children below 5 years are allowed to travel for free. Those who fall in the age range of 5-12 years are charged half the fare for the journey. A 50 % deduction on the actual fare is given to senior citizens. The handicapped people have a special quota of two berths are marked in the sleeper class of almost all the trains. There are trains which have reserved accommodation for ladies exclusively. However boys below 12 years can travel in these reserved coaches. Student concession facilities are made available by Indian Railways.

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