5 Bucket List Holidays Your Family Should Take!

As the younger generation takes charge of the world, the older generation gets a chance to kick up their heels and enjoy life

Having worked quite hard throughout their lives, our grandparents definitely deserve a holiday with their kids and grand kids. Besides, spending some quality time with your grandparents, that too in a new country, can be fun and exciting. Here’s our list of what we think are the best holiday destinations for your entire family, grandparents included!

Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland, ParisThere is hardly an individual who wouldn’t fall in love with Disneyland. Located in the Parisian suburb of Marne-la-Vallée, this Magic Kingdom-themed park is perfect for people of all ages, from toddlers to senior citizens. Check out the Castle and the Dragon Cave with your grandparents. Autopia and Armageddon Special Effects are also great attractions that are suitable for older people. In addition to these, Disneyland also has regular theatrical shows that are very enjoyable; Lion King is a must-see!

StartURtrip Tip: There are some spas on the premises which are perfect for the grandparents and the parents!

Vineyards, Melbourne

Vineyards, MelbourneEscape the hectic city life with your grandparents to discover a scenic wine country in Melbourne, Australia. Take your pick out of the five available wine regions nearby, which are Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Sunbury, and Macedon. Apart from the amazing panoramas of acres of vineyards, there is also a delectable range of gourmet food and rich local wines. All the wineries offer visitors tours of their brewing processes, along with some sampling of the wines!

StartURtrip Tip: Break from your journey with a stop at one of the many orchards that surround the vineyards to go fruit picking.

African Safari, Tanzania

African Safari, TanzaniaWho doesn’t absolutely love Safaris! With your entire family by your side, an African safari is just what you need for a great family vacation. Take a Tanzanian Safari, and discover the jungle life. On a typical African Safari, you will be travelling with expert guides, spending your nights at lodges and tents (completely furnished with beds and private bathrooms), and enjoying local activities.

StartURtrip Tip: Take a detour to Zanzibar for a beach break; let the grandparent’s lounge on the beach while you go underwater diving!

Castles in Germany

Castles in GermanyA perfect idea for the entire family, this trip will take you back in time to the medieval ages. Germany is inundated with castles that are still in excellent condition, with gilded antiques from another era entirely. Make sure to keep Heidelberg, Neuschwanstein Castle, Waldeck, Lowenburg Castle, and Alsfeld on your list of places to visit.

StartURtrip Tip: Include the medieval and charming town of Rothenburg on your trip; visit the Steiff Museum, where the teddy bear was invented.

Singapore Cruise

Singapore CruiseWhat’s a better idea than cruising around Singapore with your family? Singapore offers many cruises with every cruise having its own itinerary for you to pick. The best thing about going on these cruises is that they offer plenty of activities on board. Whether it’s enjoying a fine-dining meal, catching a live performance on board, or lounging by the pool on deck, there is something there for everyone.

StartURtrip Tip: Opt for a cruise that will take you to nearby countries such as Malaysia and Thailand for some added fun!

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