Melbourne – Culture Call

From magic to cuisine, luxurious hospitality to exclusive art, Melbourne is truly a global city which has a strong Australian identity. Step into its streets and galleries and witness this city’s amazing blend of culture.

National Gallery of Victoria


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For those who want to explore the art in Melbourne, the National Gallery of Victoria is a great place to start. Australia’s oldest and largest museum houses many priceless exhibits, including indigenous art, colonial and impressionist art from Australia and modern and contemporary art.

Timings: 10AM to 5PM Everyday

The Block Arcade


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Experience some quintessential Melbourne culture while you also enjoy some retail therapy at the Block Arcade, a shopping centre based in a 120-year-old building with some of the finest interior decorations in Australia.

Timings: 8AM to 6PM Monday to Thursday, 8AM to 8PM Friday, 8AM to 5PM Saturday, 9AM to 5PM Sunday

Regent Theater


A heritage site and home to the city’s finest stage performances, the Regent Theatre is an integral part of culture in Melbourne. Visitors here love to admire the renaissance revival style of the building’s architecture that compliments modern Melbourne’s landscape.

Impossible Occurrences


Add a dash of magic to your Melbourne trip with a visit to Impossible Occurrences, a magic show set in a small intimate setting. The magic show happens every Friday at the Marriot, and you will be an audience to a top class illusionist performing some of the best tricks for over an hour.

Acland Street

Acland Street

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At Acland Street you can watch the world go by. This is one of the popular recreational areas in Melbourne, filled with some of the best dining and shopping options. A part of many cultural tours in Melbourne, the Street’s many restaurants provides the perfect place to discover food in Melbourne, from Vietnamese to Italian, Malaysian to Indian and much more.

As your Melbourne trip immerses you in many cultural and artistic delights, you will uncover more layers that make up this wonderful city. With every conversation you make, there will be more secret spots to visit. Visit Melbourne and discover the heart of Australia.