Places To Visit in Mumbai

Mumbai is not just a city where dreams come true but this great city of India is a place with beautiful tourist attraction. From beaches to heritage buildings, Mumbai has everything to satisfy your tourist soul. The tourist destinations of Mumbai are really unique and promise pleasure of eyes.


It takes 11km boat ride from the Gateway of India to reach this World heritage site. Situated away from the city in a lush green setting is this beautiful rock cut temple complex. It dates back to 800AD and was worked and expanded by many ruling dynasties over a period of 500 years. During the colonial period this island served as a naval bastion for defending forces in many naval wars. One can still see the beautiful carvings and rock images of Lord Shiva and his wife Uma. You can get a ride to this place by the regular motor boats from Apollo Bunder. The island is open to public till sunset so plan your trip accordingly.

 Elephanta Caves, Mumbai


Built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary of England, this monument has become now become a symbol of Mumbai and India. The imposing monument is blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture. While the gateway and turrets are on Islamic lines the pillars are distinct Hindu temple architecture. Through out the day domestic and internal tourists pour into this place for a taste of old regality and heritage. Just across the road is the famous Taj Hotel of Mumbai. Right in front of the GateWay a flight of steps lead you down into the

Gateway of India, Mumbai


waters of Arabian Sea. If you are planning a trip to Elephanta caves then this is the

place where you can board the ferry. Else if you are in a mood to watch Mumbai cityscape while lazing in the sea air then you can take a ferry for the Bombay High oil wells view.




Also known as the “Queen’s Necklace”, this is one place you cannot to afford to drop form your Mumbai Itinerary. Marine Drive connects Nariman Point to Mallabar hills and is actually a beautifully laid, crescent shaped, 6-lane road. People come here to enjoy the fresh air and the sparkling water of Arabian Ocean. This place is

Night View of Marine Drive, Mumbai

particularly busy before and after sunset. Mumbai’s famous Juhu Chowpaty is also located on the marin

e drive. Once the sun sets completely and the lights brighten the roads the marine drive is a sight to watch and this is where it derives the name “Queen’s necklace”.  Marine Drive also harbors some of the finest Hotels in Mumbai and ahs a distinction of being named world’s largest viewing gallery.



It is one of the major tourist attractions and lone the aquarium in Mumbai. The President of India Dr Rajendra Prasad had opened it to public in 1951. The aquarium houses around a 100 species marine and freshwater fishes. Apart form Sharks, Rays, Eels, Turtles you could also see varieties of corals form Lakhsyadeep Islands. One room is dedicated to marine fossils, rare sea shells and fishes preserved in bottles. The aquarium is reachable form Charni Road railway station by a 5 minute walk. It’s closed on Mondays. Working hours are 11 am to 8 pm.


Famous for its evenings this beach is very popular among the Mumbaikars and visitors as well. An elegant setting for enjoying the Sun taking a plunge into the Arabian Sea and throwing crimson, red and orange blotches into the darkening sky. Unlike other beaches in India this is not a place for swimming and sunbathing. Rather it’s a spot to enjoy crowd and fairs. Placate your taste buds with delicious local snacks. If you were in Mumbai and you did not have Pav Bhaji, Bada Pav, Bhel Puri and Kala Khatta (Ice Lollies) then your trip would lack something big. You could see balloon vendors, monkey dances, cricket matches, magicians and other similar attractions. This is the site for the annual Visharjan of Ganesh Idols, where the great Elephant headed god is bade fare well by the people. It is accessible form Santa Cruz and Ville Parle areas.


The Bollywood is the film city of Mumbai and it’s located in Goregaon. The Bollywood is the place why movies are made and this is surely the most gorgeous film city of the country with the most talented actors and film makers working in it. This film city is a great place to live your fantasies as you can take a tour of this place. If you are a movie fan and you are visiting Mumbai then Bollywood is the place where you must go to refresh your memories. You can go to the sets of your favorite movies too. There is no better way to enjoy the film city than to go to famous sets and spots. If you are lucky then getting a glimpse of your favorite stars is surely possible. Overall, you will have unforgettable times in Bollywood for sure and can enjoy the movies even more from next time.


The Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat is located in the central Mumbai and you can reach there by foot from the Mahalaxmi railway station. This is one of the most famous places of Mumbai. If you are in Mumbai then you must not ignore this place just because you think it’s a dhobi ghat as the Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat is not just another dhobi ghat but its one of the most historical places in India. If you want to look at the center of the city then this open air dhobi ghat is the place where you must visit and be dazzled by the sight in front of you. The sound of washing, the millions of colors of the dresses gathered in there and the process of washing them, everything about the Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat is an experience that you will never forget. You can even feel the struggle of the city from the struggle of the washmen.


The Essel world is an enjoyment park in Mumbai. This park is located in Gorai and it was the first amusement park in the country. This is a huge park with a great range of entertainment waiting for you. If you want to spend an entire day with thrill and fun then you must visit Essel world. There are a lot of great rides which will excite you and take you to the highest point of rush. The thing you have to be sure about is that you have time in your hands as this place has loads of activities waiting for you. Apart from the rides, there are many great eating places and events which you will surely love. You can be at the center of any event and spend the time in an unforgettable way. The Essel world requires you to buy a ticket, for each member of the group, for entry.