Transport in Agra

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The ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminal) and Idgah Bus Stand in Agra are the two, main bus stops that allow tourists to connect to most of the large cities in North India. The Tata-Marcopolo buses are run by the state and cover the vicinity of the city for people travelling locally.

Auto rickshaw

The easiest method of transportation for those looking for a city tour, or to cover a distance between two city landmarks/attractions is via auto-rickshaw. They are convenient, readily available and easy to spot.

Prepaid auto-rickshaws are highly advised; otherwise, one must negotiate and agree upon a price with the driver before commencing the journey.


Taxis are available to take you around the city of Agra. Flat rates are offered for sightseeing and visiting the main, local attracts. A prepaid taxi counter is located at Agra Cantt railways station, allowing you to register the main points of your trip and calculate a price.


The city of Agra is well connected by train for those looking to travel to the major cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. Direct connections are available for destinations in Eastern India, with 20 trains leaving the stations per day delivering you to popular attractions.

For those looking to enjoy frequent, convenient means of travel for local sights in Agra, there are three railway stations you can travel from:

Agra Cantt: This is the main railway station located southwest of the Agra Fort and Taj Mahal. Taxis and auto-rickshaws await here to deliver you to your desired destination. Agra Cantt also has a popular food court for inexpensive snacks.

  • Agra Fort Railway Station: Located near Agra Fort, Agra Fort Railway Station is popular for its historical status. It is one of the oldest stations in the entire country, delivering people to eastern stops (Kanpur, Kolkata, etc).
  • Raja Ki Mandi: The smallest of the three stations, Raja Ki Mandi is quiet and peaceful, with the main arrivals being Intercity Express, Mahakoshal Express, Indore-Amritsar Express and Taj Express.