Travel Tips to The Tourists Visiting Kerala

Kerala- God’s Own County is an enchanting place to explore. But any state of India, is tough, in terms of temperament and terrain. Hence before venturing out on a journey to India, it is essential to follow some of the guidelines and travel tips for traveling to Kerala.

The various travel tips to Kerala that ensures a memorable experience are:


  • Speak properly. Indian ears are more attuned to the slurred vowels of English than to the nasal’s drawl of an American; hence ensure that clarity of speech in communicating verbal instructions.
  • Take permission for photography. Some temples in Kerala and other religious institutions might not allow photography. Also, railway property can’t be photographed without prior permission. Hence, respect the rules.
  • Avoid strangers. Never respond to the genial ‘hello’ of a conman and never catch the eye of the professional beggar.
  • Bargain hard. Remember that prices are always jacked up whenever shopkeepers spot a tourist, and a foreign tourist at that. The rule for buyers is to start at less than half of the announced price and then work towards a settlement at a price neither party considers unreasonable. Short-term visitors who lack the sporting instinct will find it much easier to stick to government emporia where the prices are fixed.
  • Get used to the noise level. Loudspeakers are a status symbol in India and what seems like the blare of a screeching siren may only be a devotional song sung by a national legend.
  • Beware of stray animals. Give all stray animals, including dogs and cows a wide berth as the alternative might just be painful injections if you are unfortunate enough to be bitten.
  • Register your complaints. If you are experiencing trouble of any sort, please register your complaints at the various complaint books available all over Kerala. On the other hand, if you have any suggestion or positive experiences to share, do also mention them.
  • Be modest. The Kerala society frowns upon demonstrative affectionate behavior in public. Also, wear modest clothing while visiting the myriad temples of India.



I am Lopamudra Sahoo from Dantan, West Bengal, India. I am a Student for Bsc Nursing. I have a hobby to write about Poems and Short Stories. I love to Explore New Places.