Visit These Underrated Spots in Bali

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Ever since Julia Roberts went for a long journey of self-discovery via travelling in ‘Eat Pray Love’, we have all been fascinated with the idea of visiting South-East Asia’s gem, Bali. Although, the movie certainly did boost the Indonesia’s tourism, it certainly did not capture the absolute hidden gems that the city of paradise had to offer. Here is a list of all those underrated spots in Bali, that Google recommendations failed to tell you about.

1)  Suluban Cave

Suluban Cave

While Suluban Beach might be a famous one, not many people actually venture out and visit the caves. The cave actually feels like a rip off of a ‘Blue Lagoon’ movie scene with its high-end rocks, clear water and wooden staircases. One may also get major Captain Jack Sparrow feels while entering this sight.

2)  Yeh Leh Beach

One of the most underrated beaches in Bali till now, this particular beach not only remains free of crowd but also is probably the most scenic when it comes to capturing the sunset. The boulders in the beach may not provide one with an ideal place to swim but most certainly capture one’s attention with the way they spread out over the vast expanse of land.

3)  Blahmantung Waterfall

Situated in the Papuan District, this particular hidden gem is surrounded by tranquility and nature itself. Tropical trees, greenery and rocks surround the place around the majestic 100 m waterfall. The climb to the waterfall from the base is around 800 m and is yet again, a scenic trek so, make sure to carry your camera along with a change.

4)  Sunrise in Pinggan Village

Sunrise in Pinggan Village

A relatively undiscovered location, this particular village is known to give one a spectacular view of Mount Batur. The village is 1300 m above sea level, and an otherwise undisclosed location. One can expect a grand view of sunrise from this particular village without much of a climb. You can also visit old historic temples in this village, which have lasted way before the rise of Hinduism in Indonesia.

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5)  Tukad Melangit- Antugan

Tukud Melangit- Antugan
If you want your perfect ‘Titanic’ pose with the same thrill of standing on an edge, with your adrenaline pumping, this is the place for you. This particular place is located in Jahem village, in District Tembuku and is a must visit for all adventure seekers.

6)  Keramas Aero Park

Keramas Aero Park
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This one is not exactly a scenic location but it is a unique one, nevertheless. You can expect to fine dine and enjoy the setting as well. This place was originally an island with a few abandoned planes, but this particular Boeing 737-400 is made into a dining restaurant. You can sit somewhere around the plane and enjoy the paddy fields along with the majestic aero plane hovering by or you can sit inside and enjoy a service of scrumptious meal(s) by ‘in flight attendants’.

7)  Waterblow at Nusa Dua

Waterblow at Nusa Dua

This natural phenomenon is spectacular and definitely, comes with the cost of your clothes. It’s a hidden rock cliff that causes the water to blow when the waves clash together within the narrow space and explode. The sight is definitely a pretty one and can be enjoyed from a distance too, but if you really wish to experience the wonder, we suggest to just let go and enjoy it.