Winter Holiday Destinations In Rajasthan

The Magnificent and Splendid state of India, Rajasthan witness short of adjectives when it comes to defining its Grandeur. Rajasthan is located in the western part of India and features great temples and palaces from different ruling dynasties. The state reflects bravery and royalty in its architecture and prosperity in its colours. Rajasthan welcomes tourists throughout the year and is flooded all 365 days. It offers a wide range of tourist destinations and is also regarded as a heritage site.

Though there is no particular time said to be the best time to visit Rajasthan but winters are preferred for those who are not accustomed with the climatic condition in the state of Rajasthan. During summers the days are quite hot and during nights the temperature falls steeply. This is the only reason why Rajasthan is preferred in winters to some. Rajasthan becomes a bit uncomfortable for those from cold countries. Temperature even rises to 45 to 48 degree Celsius during day time. The month of May and June witness extreme hot air and unbearable climatic conditions. During the months of winters and rain, the climate of Rajasthan is very pleasant and anyone can get accustomed to it.

Many festivals and fairs are also organised during the months of July to September and October to March. During the month of May-June the only place which supports pleasant temperature is the hill station of Rajasthan – Mount Abu. Mount Abu is situated on the hills of Aravali range. It registers the low temperature even during summers in the whole Rajasthan. The perfect time considered by many tourists is winters between the months of October and March. The temperature of Rajasthan during winters is not very cold and is considered best for long journeys and sight-seeing. The festivals and fairs can also be enjoyed in the pleasant temperature during the winters in Rajasthan. Tourists can go for wildlife Safari or visit temples and palaces during this season easily and comfortably. A wide variety of cuisine is also served during this time-period to attract more of tourist population.

Even During summer tourists’ population is not much less than any other time of the year. Tourists visit the state and take necessary precautions to keep safe from the scorching heat. It is advisable for tourists to carry sun shades like UV protected sun glasses and hats. Sunscreen lotions, head scarves are also advised to them. To beat the sweltering summer heat of Rajasthan light cotton clothes are preferred. In order to prevent heat strokes and dehydration more of liquid intake is unavoidable. The stay in the beautiful state of Rajasthan can be made a lifetime experience if these precautions are taken carefully.